DSCF1494 - Kopie2I am a social scientist who specializes in comparative public policy, governance of environmental issues, and political networks.

I work as an assistant professor on the topic of governance resilience at the University of Twente.

Throughout my academic career, I have explored diverse perspectives on our social world. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Communication, a master’s degree in European Studies and International Relations, and a master’s degree in Peace and Security Studies.  In my PhD research, I specialized in comparative public policy, water protection, and network analysis. My post-doctoral research has been about policy transitions in diverse policy domains, including flood risk, water quality, agriculture, land-use, energy and sustainability. I currently analyze the interdependencies over time between diverse policy sectors.

Of importance to me is to communicate my work outside of academia to policy-makers and the broader public. I have collaborated with government agencies and international organizations, such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to promote environmental protection policies.  As a “sciencetainment” project, I created a YouTube video explaining my PhD, for which Science Magazine awarded me as the winner of the 2015 Dance Your PhD Contest.