My research is embedded within the broader theoretical questions of public policy research. With the aim of contributing to more sustainable policy results, I study the design of public policies and the social mechanisms behind decision-making.

Political networks and social network analysis

Collaborative governance, and its impact on policies, is a fascinating field of research to me. I study collaboration in political networks and employ social network analysis to analyze the structure of ties between actors participating in political decisions.

Quantitative and qualitative research methods

I combine qualitative and quantitative research methods in order to develop new tools that can support policy-makers with their decisions. I am particularly interested in social network analysis, survey and interview methods, (computational) text analysis, and process tracing.

Environmental Policy

A central goal of mine is to contribute to a better understanding of policies that sustainably improve the state of our environment. With this goal, my work spans across policy fields including water, agriculture, land-use, or energy as well as the interactions between those policy fields.