My fascination for the social world is what I aspire to share throughout my teaching. I aim to inspire curiosity and facilitate students’ capacity to solve problems independently, to integrate multiple perspectives and methods, and to reflect critically on their own and others’ approaches.

I teach Bachelor and Master-level seminars and lead PhD workshops in the areas of environmental policy and social network analysis in German, English, and French.

Quotes from evaluations

I really liked the fact that it was interdisciplinary, that we had several different viewpoints on topics, including those of experts. I’ve found this very inspiring, it wasn’t as dry as seminars can sometimes be. Thank you! It was evident that both teachers, especially Florence, were very motivated for the seminar.” (2017 participant evaluation statement)

The lecturer is very engaged and always well prepared. She conveys her pleasure in the topic.” (2012 participant evaluation statement, translated from German)

Please find a list of taught classes here